Where To Get Peyote

Baby Peyote CactusWe are located in the US, so here Peyote is illegal except for use in religious ceremonies. You can read more about the legality and ceremonies on the proper pages.

However of the last few months someone has told us that you can purchase peyote at certain places online, if you live outside of the USA.

We are not lawyers and do not know the laws of peyote outside of the USA (where it is illegal), so please research your local laws and customs when it comes to ordering peyote online.

There are 2 places we have found online that sell peyote, both located in The Netherlands:

Avalon Magic Plants. Has a real nice looking product selection and sells large plants! Highly Recommended!

Azarius Online Smartshop. Since 1999!

Azarius Online Smartshop

The other possible way to get it, is to find it growing in nature. We have heard it grows in the south west of the US, and below is a map of where it grows wild in Mexico.

Again we have no idea what the laws about harvesting or possessing peyote are, so we cannot stress it enough to learn the laws in your area.

Map Of Peyote